Road to a better me

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How does one even begin telling a story like this? I knew from a very young age about who I am, and what I identify myself as. As I grew older, I lost a sense of who I was through dealing with depression and an eating disorder. Once I improved myself mentally, I began to build a “comfortable life”. By this, I mean I let other’s happiness try to fill the void of my own.

I was scared of trying to reopen all of my emotions by actually living as me. I thought for sure if I could make other people happy with me, I’d be happy with them but that’s not how it works. You MUST put yourself first. A few months ago I came out to both my family and friends. Most importantly my now ex-husband, with which we had a beautiful girl. I fell in love with who he was and he made me smile, but I wasn’t completely listening to myself. So I spoke up, and I have no regrets.

The level of happiness I feel now is indescribable. I’m gay, and I love every part of me now. This is just the beginning of a long bumpy road heading toward a destination of being happy, healthy, and safe. Love yourself first, because you know how to the best.

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