Sacrifices For What You Believe In

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Only Human was officially made into an LLC and started in my living room at 3am on September 6th, 2016. It remained a free resource until May 2017 when I quit my full time job and took the scariest leap of my life and went all in on OH.

In October 2017 @wildcrissy, my best friend of over 6 years, took that same leap to help me build this community and in 2018 Crissy also became a part owner of Only Human. Since day one we’ve taken zero dollars in investment, we’ve donated over $20,000 to nonprofits across the globe, and have accepted over 2,500 advocates into our community. She and I have faced the hardest times of our friendship through this growth, but it’s made us better business owners and better friends on the other side.

We recently had our 2018 close-out meeting with our accountant and in our first fiscal year as a business we are operating cash-flow positive (*proud moment*). Did you know that in the US 82% of small businesses fail because of poor cash-flow management? It’s taken blood, sweat, and a lot of tears to get here. Crissy and I paid ourselves roughly 15k from Only Human the whole year. That’s $7.21 per hour and in the US the mandated labor rate is $7.25. We’ve paid ourselves less than minimum wage because we believe in this. We believe in what we’re building and in our community.

What this means is that Crissy and I have had to take on a lot of additional freelance work utilizing our strengths and skills within marketing to help other brands and companies. It also means that as a first-time mother of a now 10-month-old, Crissy has taken time from her family to build this while feeding them.

I got engaged to Bonnie this year and also became a bonus mom to two beautiful girls. It’s been eye-opening to me understanding the commitment it takes to show up with love and be present when you have a to-do list six miles long running through your head.

So all the messages I get wanting to know how we did this, here is what I know…

You have to make sacrifices for the things you believe in, you have to find the courage to have the hard conversations, you need to put your oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else, and at the end of the day you have to find the right team willing to put in that work and that heart right there with you.

♥️ Bree Pear