September’s Charity Campaign

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Hey humans,

September is suicide awareness month, and as most of you may already know, suicide awareness is a cause that is very close to our hearts. Not even one year ago, Lacie Helms took her own life. It was an event that shocked an entire community, and the loss was felt as a tidal wave of sadness throughout.

Lacie was an individual who would have given anything to another human, and though we will never be able to call her an OH Advocate, we will march forward with her in our hearts.

The Stay; campaign was born of a deep ache to know why people choose to leave. We’ve heard countless stories from those who have been impacted by suicide, and a common thread we’ve found is a question of why.

Why couldn’t they stay?
Why couldn’t I make them stay?

We truly believe that by building a community of individuals focused on telling those who battle with suicial thoughts, why they should Stay; that we can hear the cries of those who feel muted. We can be a support system to those who feel alone. We can build awareness around those who battle with a single thought—why should I Stay?

I know I speak for a large community when I say that we wish that Lacie had chosen to Stay. Her story was so far from over. So with love in our hearts, and air in our lungs we promise you this: we will be the voices that tell you to Stay.

Unlike the other charities Only Human has supported, we’ve made it our mission to build Stay; into a cause we will bring awareness to the world so long as Only Human exists. September is suicide awareness month, but we will not stop there. Stay; will remain a part of our mission and our hearts.

We know that no matter what the struggle, suicide is a thought that enters into the minds of millions. We were born into a generation where anxiety, depression, and health issues are on a very scary incline. Without groups willing to stand and fight for the lives of those who feel like they can’t Stay; we are sure to see a rapid increase in suicide.

In September we will be launching a shirt that is dedicated to this cause. In addition we have metallic black and gold temporary tattoos that will be available for anyone to order for free, all you pay is shipping. We will encourage humans to apply the tattoo, take a photo, and share their story on their social platforms while using the hashtag #OHstay.

As Advocates we ask you to join in on this mission to bring awareness to suicide. This campaign will not be launched until September, but as Advocates we want to hear what you have to say. Please do not share any of this information or imagery until it has been released.

Feel free to comment below!

We love you all, now go out there and be good.
❤️ Bree and the Only Human team