Shift Your Mindset, Change Your Life

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Have you ever stood at the edge of yourself and wondered what you will become next? I’ve been guilty of waiting around for the world to change me instead of taking charge of my life and changing the world. I’ve been thinking about the word “potential” and what that means to me. What if we all lived out our true potentials? Can you even imagine what kind of greatness could come of it?

I’m ready to grow, if you are. Here’s how I plan to do it: 

  • Mindset Shift. Everything starts with our states of mind. It’s about seeing and believing in what’s possible instead of settling for what is. It’s dreaming bigger than you ever have before and recognizing that you can make those dreams reality. It’s being called crazy, and feeling good about it. Strong mind, strong life. 
  • Stay Awake. I’ve personally witnessed the zombie-like drones of humans who just exist. They clock-in, they clock-out, they watch some Netflix, they stuff their faces, and they do it again. Rinse,wash, repeat. It’s groundhog day times a million and it’s boring as shit. Tap into the part of your being that is aware and alive, feel the energy course through your veins, take action with your physical self, and truly live. 
  • Live In The Middle. There are definitely times in life when it’s time to go balls to the wall, but it’s simply not possible to exist in that mode all of the time. Dig deep, find your zen, and practice living a life of balance. You’ll ground yourself and find your roots in ways you never thought possible. A rock solid foundation is the platform you need to spring into your dreams. 
  • Do You. As a kid, I grew up not always having nice clothes or things. I didn’t have the latest cool gadgets and I always compared myself to others. Look at their happy families, their new clothes. Why are they so happy and I am not? When you become an adult, the constant comparisons don’t stop. It just turns into a consumer-driven way of life—I need the luxury car, the nice house, the perfect job title. Truth is, you really don’t need any of that. Just do you. 

I don’t know what the next year, or day, or even minute holds for any of us and I’m a million percent ok with that. But this second, the one we’re in right now? I’m making it mine. 

<3 wildcrissy 

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