You would think as an almost 30 year old female bullying would be a thing of the past. However, when I took to Instagram to post a story about my workout class with myself displaying some of the movements, I received a very nasty direct message from someone I hadn’t seen in 11 years that I went to high school with. The message read “OMG girl you are not skinny are you fucking kidding me, this makes me so mad haha” She clearly meant to send the video of me to her friend to make fun of my body, but instead she REPLIED to my story. When I posted the entire incident on my Instagram story, the amount of love and support I received from many different people was not what I expected. Nine people came forward with bullying stories of their own as adult and as a kid – by the same exact perpetrator. Even some of her friends reached out with support and kind words. I wanted to share my story as an example of what happens when you stand up for yourself. I am very lucky to have thick skin and to have handled the situation without letting it effect me. I am just glad it did not go to a person who was suffering with an eating disorder or maybe worse.

This real life story was shared by a human named Stephanie

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