Stay; A Letter

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Stay; human

Dear human,

This letter is for you. The you that feels the pressure of the world. The you that feels invisible, unheard, and unloved. The you who has gotten used to living in a storm of darkness. The you that blames yourself.

The you that never feels “good enough.” The you that has gone through the very worst of times. The you that holds all the feelings inside and wonders when you’ll break. The you that can’t seem to get unstuck. The you that has thought about what this world would be like without you in it.

This letter is for you.

You are more than enough. You are light in an ever-dimming world. You were born for a reason. You are here to do more than just survive. You have gifts and talents that haven’t yet been found. You have so much left to do in this life. You are beautiful, worthy, and amazing (even if you don’t always think so).

You have time. Things will get better, so please hang in there. It’s okay if all you can do is take each day at a time, step by step. It’s okay to feel what you feel, but just… Promise us tomorrow. Promise you’ll Stay;

We believe in you ?


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