Social Entrepreneurship

10% of all profits goes to charitable organizations that work to strengthen humanity and support humans in need. Through community-based events, we’re able to bring our message of kindness and inclusion to cities around the world.


And listen, there will be hard days. 
Days that push you to the ledge, 
that make you feel like maybe you’d be better off dead, 
but don’t believe the lies you tell yourself. 
Don’t get too wrapped up in your own head. 
Push past the struggle, reach out, and get help. 
Don’t be ashamed, like I said, I’ve been there myself…


123 humans. That’s how many choose not to Stay; each and every day. There’s rarely a human we meet who hasn’t been impacted by suicide in some way or hasn’t struggled with suicidal ideation themselves. We hope this collection of Stay; stories offers solace to others impacted by suicide and lets them know that they are not alone. Only Human will continue to raise awareness about a global epidemic that takes so many humans from us long before their story is over.