This community is about bringing people together.


Imagine a world where there is less judgment, less competition, and more empowerment through shared knowledge and experiences. A world where there is more kindness, compassion, and connectedness.

Only Human is here to help you through struggle, find the things that drive you, and offer a community of humans who always have your back. By connecting like-minded individuals, Only Human aims to inspire and educate through shared experiences (with a dash of quirkiness and humor along the way).


Our voice is human, it’s comfortable, it’s honest and approachable. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re hearing a story over dinner with friends. 

This, not that:

    • Humorous but not condescending 
    • Weird but not juvenile 
    • Educational but not patronizing 
    • Empowering but not preachy
    • Inspiring but not dreamy
    • Human but not self deprecating


  • Guide
    • We will act as the passenger navigating you along your journey, but never the driver. 
  • Empower
    • With all writing, we aim to empower individuals to be stronger and more confident in choices they make in their life.
  • Inspire
    • Our goal is to inspire through experience. By remaining authentic to each of our own stories, we hope to inspire you to make a healthy change, no matter what your goals are and how they differ from our own experiences. 
  • Connect
    • As humans one of our deepest needs is to connect and belong. With everything we do and write, we aim to connect you with individuals who share the same values and outlook.


“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.”

Our tone of voice isn’t what we say, but how we say it. It embodies and expresses our unique personalities and core values. It encompasses not only the words we choose, but their order, rhythm and pace. Our tone will remain informal and entertaining, while still educating through a clear and concise thought process. 

We write the way we speak, and we speak to everyone the same way we speak to friends.


A good story aims to always:

  • Be about a specific person or a small group of people rather than a whole company or universal terms
  • Draw out a basic human emotion such as frustration, hope or excitement
  • Feature struggle, and require the character to change or learn something
  • Embrace details (these set one story apart from another)

Talk the talk

We are not a sales-y company
Our message aims to bring people together, not bring in the most sales. While our company runs from the support from our sales, we do not push sales on any human. If we have something on your heart, we post about it, we add in discount codes to allow others to share their message, and also bring together people with the same mission—to be a good human. This is how we will remain authentic and true to the brand and goals of Only Human.

Our platform
We do not speak negatively on any social platforms. Only Human is about becoming the best version of yourself. So bullying on the internet is something we aim to change. If you wouldn’t say it to someones face, it doesn’t need to be posted about. If you want to make a joke at someone else’s expense, that is bullying. Funny isn’t mean.

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Be a Good Human Tagline

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