Hey humans…My name is Jodi and I am originally from Sydney, Australia but have lived in BC, Canada for 13.5 years now. Wow where to begin……I am a single mum to a 4 year old little girl who has a heart of gold and I call her heart her “special heart.” I found out when I was 20 weeks pregnant that something was seriously wrong with my baby. I had a horrific experience with a doctor (not mine) with zero bedside manner after being sent for extra ultra sounds that something was “seriously wrong with my unborn child” and “you are right at the termination cut off so you have to decide quick.” As a first time mum with no prior signs anything was wrong this was horrifying to hear. I was also with the most least empathetic, compassionate husband you could imagine. I then had 5 long days to wait before I could get into a Women’s Hospital and be tested and wait for a diagnosis. I found out my unborn child had something called TGA L Type and was also at risk of “heart block” and that their heart was in the middle of the chest rather than on the left side.

Fast forward to my daughter being 1 year old. Took all the strength I had and put my daughter and I first and fled from the marital home. Too many reasons to publicly put on here! A few months after, my daughter, a friend and myself survived a horrific head on collision. This changed our lives in more ways than one. This was the “trigger” I needed to finally bring all my deeply suppressed emotions, feelings and admissions that I had actually been living a life that was not me. I admitted finally out loud that “I am gay!” I couldn’t hide it from myself anymore. I didn’t want to hide it from myself anymore. How could I be the best mother and influence to my daughter if I wasn’t sincerely happy and being my authentic self?! This is only a snippet of my story. I am proud of who I am, who I become and who I will continue to be.

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