Swirl Your Life Matters

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Choosing to stay is the biggest decision I ever made. To realize that this life is worth living and that I am awesome no matter what people think. Ive been thrown curve balls my whole life and I am not going to put my personal life on blast but to know that life is not easy but it is still worth it. There is something that happens when you come close to taking your own life. Personally for me after everything that the video explained I fell in love with the ability to live. I had an encounter with love that has altered my life for forever. I think something that I challenge people to do is to “be the call”. In the video and in the real story I received a call that was a game changer. I challenge everyone to love people so hard that they never feel alone. I challenge everyone to be observant of other people and how they are acting. Be love. Be the call. And know that you are never alone.

Fall in love with the ability to live.