Take Back The Night 2018

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Some might see Only Human purely as an apparel line, and that’s all wrong. We’re about making humanity better. Each month we partner with a different nonprofit to support a cause that helps humans. As a default, that organization receives 10% of all profits from the month; but we always try to go far above and beyond to help the nonprofit in any other way we can. 

In March, we partnered with the Trauma Healing team at La Frontera Empact. They host the annual Take Back The Night event, which aims to strengthen communities and empower victims of inter-community violence. This cause spoke to us in the core of our hearts. 

hear it from bree

It was such an honor to not only get to emcee Take Back The Night Phoenix (@tbtnphx), but it was so moving to get to witness some truly inspiring and brave humans get up on stage and stand in their truth. There were four women who stood in front of a crowd and held a mic as they told the stories of some of their most vulnerable moments. I got to witness their strength, but I also got to witness how impactful those vulnerable moments were on a crowd full of strangers.

There is a language that we can all understand, and that’s vulnerability. You can see it, you hear it in the cracks of voices and shaking of hands. It can be witnessed in a tapping foot or a shaky sentence. Vulnerability communicates something that can not only be heard, but felt. It’s opened up my mind to what human connection means, and is something that I’ll always advocate for. In the moments you feel the fear creep into your chest, know that I see you, I hear you, and in many moments, I’ve been you.

A huge thank you to the Trauma Healing team at La Frontera EMPACT who we got to work side-by-side with as we planned #tbtnphx, and ended by taking to the street in an empowering march to #shatterthesilence.

2, 4, 6, 8 no more violence, no more hate!” 

 ♥️ @breepear

Hear It From Crissy 

“From shame to sharing, from my heart to yours…There’s a lot that goes with Only Human that many don’t see. It’s the vulnerable storytelling that takes place in our Advocate group, it’s the collaboration with nonprofits like @tbtnphx (this past month), it’s the connection with kind humans that lift me up. It’s knowing that I am not alone. 

For years, my story choked me up. It sat in my stomach like a bowling ball of fear and hurt, until I had the courage to speak my truth and let all that shame melt away. Endlessly grateful to @tbtnphx and @chesworthfilms for helping us all come together to end violence. You make the world a more human place.”

 ♥️ @wildcrissy

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