That Credit Is Mine

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And then I realized that it wasn’t the Trauma that made me strong, kind and more compassionate.

 It was the way I handled it.

That credit does not belong to my pain, it belongs to me.

I think that we experience things that shake us, move us and force us to elevate ourselves. It will first break you down, demand you listen and expect a new version of yourself or it will continue to push and pull your life into alignment until you make a shift.

Maybe it’s a painful, crushing, life altering moment that snaps you into a new way of life. It may be a death, a lost relationship, a career change, a move, a moment standing in the mirror. And no matter what it is, it’s enough to move you. That single thing, that pain, that trauma may alter everything but only you control the outcome.

You see, for the longest time, I thought I was a product of my pain. But I now realize that I am Me because of Me. The experiences I have had may have shifted me but I did the work.

I chose the path, I did the healing, I made the connections.

I didn’t let pain and experiences change me for the worse. I didn’t let the pain harden me. My pain happened, I made my life and I am better for it.

That credit is mine.

♥️ @beck_gay