I grew up on the west side of Phoenix, Maryvale area. It was a rough area, especially because me and my family lived in the projects and my mother was involved with dangerous people. I grew up with a single mother, who was a drug addict. My brother and I had a very crazy and unsteady childhood. Many years of struggling pushed my mother to get help for herself. We were very blessed with so many amazing people willing to help us while my mom was working through recovery. After years of determination, my mother was able to get it together, she moved me and my brother to a safer and all around better neighborhood.

My brother and I had seen so much negativity growing up that we knew we HAD to do and be better human beings. We really didn’t have the luxury of our parents setting a good example so we both fought for better lives. My brother and I became educated people and we worked very hard to be where we are today. Never loosing sight of where we come from, and remaining humble. With our successes we still make time to help the needy and be do it with a smile on our faces and love in our heart. We both are in careers where we are helping the community. My mother makes sure to give back as well. She has a HUGE heart and I know she is incredibly grateful for all the good people out there that helped her in a time of need.

People are very interesting… they can be so horrible at times but the fact that there is some really great people out there makes me hold a higher standard for myself and keeps me in a constant mind set to be a better human.