The Future Is Kind.

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The tapestry of life is something I’ve admired with awe. There’s a pulsing magic that flows through the veins of humanity and sometimes it’s sad and tragic, and other time’s it takes your breath away with how wonderful it all is. 

Maybe it’s because I’m a new mom, or maybe it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by humans inspired to spread kindness in the world, but I’ve been pondering the future lately and it makes my heart stop.

In this moment, you and I and they and us…we’re all creating the future. When my tiny human is grown up will he face the same adversities as I have, or will we have evolved our existence into one based on kindness? These questions keep me awake at night and fuel my incessant need to keep fighting the good fight. 

I think about what I envision the future to be like…It’s a place where no human is labeled and stereotyped. It’s a place where all cultures and ways of living are celebrated. It’s a place where the good outshines the darkness and humans see the sameness that exists at all of our cores. 

In my dreams, the future is kind. 

Who will help us make these dreams a reality? 

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