The Pursuit Is Happiness

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I could start this off with every bad or horrendous situation I have ever been in but, I feel like that sets the mood for my story. I can’t tell you how wrong that is!

Every fight I saw when I was kid, every move to a new house, every bully that did their best to belittle me, and every self conscious thought that went through my growing brain, made me who I am today.As sad as some of those instances were it molded me and shaped me into who I am today and where I have pushed myself to be. I grew up in Iceland on a military base with my three siblings and two loving parents. My father’s time spent serving the country is how I gained my strength mentally and physically. I saw my dad pushing himself to be the best version that he could create and I wanted the same for me. I have always looked up to my father from raising two children who weren’t biologically his and two of his own abroad to create one strong family. After my dad retired all of us lived here in Phoenix, Arizona creating a life in the states of our own.

So you gained a little back story about me, right? Let’s get going into who I really am, who I am today, and who I will be soon. I went to a local high school and participated in nearly every sport they could offer, went to state and gained a lot of confidence and friends along the way. That all came to a screeching halt when I came out to my friends as Bisexual not even Lesbian just Bisexual, it was just a preference it never defined me or changed how I felt about the world. If we’re being honest here, I dated some boys in my teens and it haunts me sometimes because, I put my hands on someones kid who I didn’t love. I think that hurts me the most, luckily I’ve talked to all of them and we’re all pretty good friends now. I knew I was a Lesbian but I didn’t want to really accept that part of myself so being bisexual felt safer. Though going to a pretty conservative high school I didn’t realize the affects it would have on myself or the athletic part of my life. I lost some friends and that devastated me then, I’m really happy they aren’t in my life now.

See, society has this profound way of making high school seem like it’s the best time of your life and for me it was a huge spring board about to launch me into the right direction for my future self. High school makes you feel so many emotions all at once, that’s not where I peaked in life, that’s where all of the discovery began. After I graduated I went on to a community college to find what I wanted to do with my life. Let’s get one thing straight, no one knows what they want at eighteen and i’m so glad I didn’t commit to what I wanted at that age. I fell in love, I fell out of love, I cut my hair, I dyed it blonde, and most importantly by twenty I had a bright future lying right in front of me. I did commit to one thing though, that was Crossfit and everything that community brought to the table.

Crossfit made me feel strong and happy and captured a family outside of four walls. I fell into the world of Emergency Response Operations, and everything within it. I went through the fire academy and had more confidence and empowerment then any sport has brought me. As soon as I graduated from the fire academy I started testing for departments nationally and still am to this day. A goal doesn’t just stop once you’ve accomplished one part, it’s a process, a beautiful and ugly one at that. I graduated from the community college with two degrees and headed towards the next mountain, Arizona State University. A dual major in Emergency Management and Nursing I have my hands full but I can’t stop there, I also am a part of the amazing team of ASU Women’s Rugby Team. At the end of the day if happiness is what you’re after go chase it, if your dreams don’t scare you.. dig deeper. BUT! Never forget who you are and where you came from.

Give em’ Hell!