There’s Only One Of You

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Can you remember the last time you felt perfectly whole inside your very own skin? It seems these days it’s become the norm for us to judge ourselves against what we see other humans doing, accomplishing, or looking like. We’re constantly criticizing ourselves for not being good enough or for not having a social feed that looks as glamorous as the humans we see on TV.

But the truth is, the world of perfection isn’t at all what being human is about…

  • Being human is about trying your best, every single damn day—and feeling good about where you end up each night because you gave it everything you had.
  • Being human is about loving yourself for all of your little nuances, your so-called “flaws”, and the characteristics that make up who you are. There is only one of you for a reason.
  • Being human is about the times you fall flat on your face, but you learn from that lesson and carry on with all of the strength you can pull together…and then you go and help others who are struggling.

There are 7.6 Billion humans in the world, but only one of you…

I’ve learned to love my weirdness in a way I never thought possible. All of my quirks and oddities, all of my flaws and imperfections—well, they make me who I am. At the end of the day, I am 100% happy if I can fall asleep knowing that I’m living life in a way that fulfills my personal goals (and not anyone else’s).

The next time you find yourself trying to measure up to another human, just go ahead and throw away the yardstick.

Humanity has so much to accomplish, and we won’t ever get there through constant competition and self-doubt. If you truly want to make this world a better place—own who you are and share your one-of-a-kind self with the world.


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