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I’m 14 at the time of writing this. I’ve had people tell me I’m too young to know if I’m gay, but it’s not something I felt like I needed to grow into. I’ve had crushes on guys before and now that I have my first girlfriend, I know what I like and I’m not ashamed.

Last year was rough for me and I started taking antidepressants after I attempted four times. I knew I was suppressing who I really was but I was too scared to come out. That caused lots of inner turmoil for me and it ate me up. I started getting closer with this girl during those rough times and now we’ve been dating for almost four months. She helped me get the courage to be who I really am and showed me that I don’t have to hide it anymore. Even at my lowest points, she still loved me and was there for me. I know who I am now, and I’ll never hide it again. I was alive before I accepted myself, but now I’m living life and I love it.

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