Virtual Events

Our original intent for a Virtual Pride Month was to bring the joys and human connection that comes with Pride to humans everywhere while recognizing social distancing. George Floyd’s murder and recent events, however, have reminded us that systemic racism and oppression are alive and well in our country and it is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with our fellow black humans and in support of black lives.

We must focus on the intersectionality within Pride and are doing our best to speak out against racism and to amplify stories of black humans and black organizations, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. We are actively inviting black people, LGBTQ+ black people, and trans people who would like to participate in our Virtual Pride Events and/or simply use our platform to help amplify their voices and stories. Stories can be submitted here.

Those interested in participating can email us at [email protected]

VIrtual Events

It's more important than ever that we seek ways to stay connected to other humans. That's why we're going virtual and hosting meetups to help us stay connected and talking! Check out our meetups and register to join in! Have an event you'd like to see? Make sure to fill out our survey.



Soulful Sundays

Come together with other good humans around the world as we host a virtual meet-up series to chat about things that fill our souls. Each Sunday at 4pm MST, we'll have a new theme with a question for the group that encourages us to think about our lives and our humanity in different ways!

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We believe we're #bettertogether, that's why we're constantly looking to collaborate with other talented humans to bring you the best events we can. If you have any ideas for future events, hit us up, we're here to listen.

Poet Roya Marsh – Live!

Wednesday, July 8 at 4:30 PT / 7:30 ET

Join Poet, Educator + Activist Roya Marsh as she performs some of her work LIVE. A New York City based poet and the author of dayliGht, Roya's powerful pieces will leave you inspired, fired up and wanting more. 🔥

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A Panel on Racial Justice in Trans Communities

Wednesday, July 22 at 4:30 PT / 7:30 ET

Online and in person, trans people of color are asking for bolder acts of solidarity from the rest of the trans community and beyond. But what does that really mean? What does anti-racism look like for white trans folks, and what does it mean to ask for solidarity as a trans person of color?

Join a panel of trans leaders across racial identities - moderator Trystan Reece + panelists Devin-Norelle, Jari Jones, and Samy Nour Younes Figaredo - as they discuss how to transform today's trans community into one of bold action for anti-racism.

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OH Book Club

Join OH Advocates, Whitney & Britta, as they host a book club where participants will discuss one new meaningful book per month! Up Next: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
Meets the 3rd Sunday of the month
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State-by-state Meetups

Our Lead Advocates will be hosting state-wide Virtual Meetups in your area! Click the button below and register.



4th Thurs of every month @ 6:00pm PDT



3rd Wed of every month @ 5:30pm PDT



4th Sat of every month @ 5:00pm MDT



4th Friday of every month @ 7:30pm ET



1st Saturday of every month @ 6pm CT



3rd Saturday of every month @ 4pm ET



2nd Monday of every month @ 6:00PM CDT



2nd Tuesday of every month @ 7pm PDT



Become an Only Human Advocate and get looped into how you can bring OH to your state!
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We host our virtual meetings through Zoom Online Meetings. You will be able to join via computer or cell phone so long as you have a good connection.

We don't require you to start your video on the meeting, so if you just prefer to listen in, that's ok too. #comeasyouare

When you register we'll send you an invite with instructions on how to join. If it's your first meetup, we recommend giving yourself 10 extra minutes before the meeting starts to make sure everything works correctly for you.

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