Vulnerable Confession #6

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✖️Vulnerability Challenge Day 6✖️
If I close my eyes, I can make my heart race thinking about walking into a room full of strangers. I can make my stomach drop thinking about doing something challenging that I’ve never attempted before (bonus points if people are watching). I’ve never met a person who hasn’t felt that way at some point.

I recently got into yoga. It’s something I’ve always wanted learn more about, but the yoga community has intimidated me for years. Really, any sport that involves social circles that could potentially deny me once they find out I’m really an odd ball, scares the shit outta me. Walking into those rooms feels like I’m right back in 7th grade enduring bullying and a whole lot of awkwardness.

But I like to practice what I preach and if I’m talking about vulnerability, I have to be willing to walk in that room. So I did, and now I’ll be real with you, I can’t stop thinking about it. By learning something new and scary for me, I’ve fallen in love with another form of connection to my body and my mind.

Let your heart race.
Let your stomach drop.
Let them stop and stare.

Namaste right here,

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