Vulnerable Confession #8

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Sometimes I get into these really negative loops with myself and how I look. My body starts to feel foreign and everything I put on I end up hating. This leaves me feeling really insecure and that type of energy is carried along with me to every meeting I go to, shown to every stranger, and seeps into how I present myself in any situation. The raw truth of it is that social media has become part of my job. When I go through these times this account suffers, which mean that the business suffers, I suffer, @wildcrissy suffers, and then the organizations we support don’t get us on our A game.

This realization sends me into a worse spiral. I start waking up with an anxious feeling and go to bed repeating negative words to myself. So how do we disrupt this? How do we get ourselves out of a low?

Every person I’ve met has a different recipe, but the most successful people I know have go-to tools they use when the hill becomes a mountain. The beauty in all humans is that we’re all unique. So, dear human, please be gentle with yourself first and foremost. Begin to recognize that what works for one person might not work for you and just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Take the time to feel yourself get stuck. Be present enough to pause and reflect on it. Start to explore a couple go-to tools you can use to start grounding down in that moment.

Last week I was in this loop. I was waking up on edge and going to bed in a slump. In those moments here are a few things I did to help me disrupt the negative pattern:

1. I gave myself permission to feel the negativity. This is something I do because if I don’t allow myself to feel it, I will allow myself to get angry at it for even being there. I would rather say hello to the elephant in the room than to ignore the obvious.

2. I took conscious breaths. I would pause in frustrating moments and take some deep breaths. I would close my eyes and imagine that my feet began to root into the ground and that no matter how hard the wolf blew, he could not knock me over.

3. I did something for me. I cut off 6” of my hair. I made a change that impacted the negative loop

❤️Bree Pear

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