We Are The Same.

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I was that kid. The weird one that hung out under tables and hid from the world. The one whose clothes were all from Goodwill. The one with the embarrassing parents who never showed up on time to pick me up, or sometimes showed up drunk…

A few weeks ago, Bree Pear and I had the unbelievable opportunity to host a workshop at One-N-Ten. They’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless or disenfranchised LGBTQ+ youth. They are an amazing place of refuge and support. 

Our “workshop” turned out more like a genuine storytelling session with some humans who really opened up and shared their stories of struggle and success. It meant the absolute world to me. 

Many times, I found myself shaking my head, like, “yes, I’ve been there. Yes, we are the same.” 

At the end of the session, a young human who had been staring down at an Only Human sticker throughout the hour and said their take-away was just simply, “Only Human.” Meaning, that when the labels are all stripped away, that’s what we all are. 

For the humans feeling like you don’t belong, you belong here. For the humans that are stuffed into boxes and stereotypes and labels, just keep doing you. 

We’re the same. We’re all only human. 

All the love, @wildcrissy

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