We’re Not A T-Shirt Company

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Well, what are we then?

We get asked if we’re a t-shirt company alll the time. And the answer is no.

Yes, we sell tees that advocate for human rights and support causes, but that’s never been the end goal.

We’re not a t-shirt company. We’re more than a t-shirt company.

We are a platform for good, a global community of good humans, a kindness movement. We are starting conversations that push humanity forward and using social media as a tool for true connection on and offline.

We are saving lives.

We’ve lost count of how many humans have come up to us over the last three years and told us that they decided to Stay because of Only Human.
Thanks to anyone who has helped us along the way. Maybe you bought a tee, shared a post, became an Advocate, or signed our Vow To Stay.

You keep us going and we couldn’t do it without you. All our love! ??

If you are looking for way to get more involved with what we’re doing, here’s a few ideas for ya:

?Go on an OH Give Trip

?Become an OH Advocate

?Share your story

?Support a Cause

?Take a Vow To Stay; 

?Become a nonprofit partner

?Sponsor an OH Give Trip