Who are you?

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Who you are

Do you ever wonder who you are?

That person you see everyday in the mirror that looks like someone you know but some days you aren’t entirely sure if you know them at all when life brings things to your feet.

We walk down many roads in this life and each new road is another chance to get to know another you.

But what happens when you’ve walked down a certain path for so long? Developed habits, routines and a lifestyle then suddenly the road shifts and you begin down a new path!

One where you start over. The dirt is different beneath your feet, the environment is nothing like the hills and valleys you once made a home out of and it’s uncharted.

You don’t know your way, you’ve lost a sense of direction and there are no familiar faces to guide your compass.

It’s scary to not know. It’s intimidating to be in new places, it’s overwhelming to learn the terrain, it’s down right terrifying sometimes to not know where you stand in the dark.

I think as we come over the new hills and forge the vast horizons of valleys in front of us, we realize that the person left on the old path is someone you are not anymore. It’s someone you have to grieve the loss of at times and know that the paths you’ve traveled to get you here will not lead and serve you anymore.

The path has shifted, the times have changed, the environment is new and until you understand that all things end and beginning again, you will try to track a new animal with the old tactics.

It doesn’t work.

You have the capability’s to learn and shift into this new endeavor. You have to be patient, you have to pivot, you have to embrace it and have to step back, set your ego down and gather what you have in front of you and set off to learn the new land.

Forge ahead with confidence that the knowledge will come and you will learn the land but you must first examine and digest the surroundings.

You’ll know exactly who you are…

One step at a time ??


?Lead Advocate // Chicago