Healthy Habits Workshop

December 4th
9am - 1:30 PST | 12pm - 4:30 EST


Whether you like them or not, we all have habits. In this half-day workshop, we'll help you understand and identify the habits you currently have, and guide you through how to change them to support your life goals.

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Life Check-Ins

A check-in designed for reflection on your current life, how you're showing up, and opportunities for positive change.

Understanding & Identifying Habits

Participated in a guided breakout where you'll identify the habits you currently have.

Disrupting Habits

We'll help you understand how to deconstruct unwanted habits and replace them with new ones.

Free resources

Each participant will receive a free workout plan, workshop workbook, journal prompts, and more.


Don't just take it from us
I went in with no specific expectations except some sort of personal growth. Not only do I feel like I was provided tools to help me grow, but I was also provided with love, support, understanding and empathy. There are so many hurting people in the world that need to feel these things. I want these workshops to grow both in size and impact, and I hope I am able to be a part of it all.
The OH Workshop was such a positive experience, even for my introverted self. I felt engaged, enlightened, and most of all, I felt safe. I learned so much about myself and excited to dig deeper - like peeling an onion.
This workshop provides a safe place for growth and helps provide you with the tools to advance yourself. The life experiences and connection from the hosts and fellow humans make this a very meaningful and impactful life tool.
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Meet The Guides


Founder of Only Human


Co-Owner of Only Human


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*Times listed in PST*

8:50 AM - Zoom Meeting will open
9:00 AM - Welcome & Introductions
9:30 AM - Intro & Instructions
9:45 AM - Breakout: Life Check-Ins & Reflection
10:15 AM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
10:30 AM - Habits Intro
10:45 AM - Breakout: Understanding & Identifying Your Habits
11:30 AM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
11:45 PM - Deconstructing Habits Intro
11:55 PM - Breakout: Deconstructing Habits 
12:40 PM - Full Group Recap
12:55 PM - Closing & Next Steps

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