Define Your Values Workshop

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Our values determine our belief systems, how we show up in life, and more. In this half-day workshop, we'll help you define your core values and identify how your values are showing up (or not showing up) in various areas of your life. Come ready to reflect, connect, and grow together!


Life Check-IN

A check-in designed for reflection on your current life, how you're showing up, and opportunities for positive change.

Define Your Values 

We'll guide you through an interactive activity where you'll identify and define your core values. 

Align your values

Now that you've defined your values, we'll help you figure out which areas of your life are in alignment with them and which ones aren't!

Free Resources

Each participant will receive a free workout plan, workshop workbook, journal prompts, and more.


Don't just take it from us
The OH Workshop is an excellent opportunity for an individual, a couple, best friends, co-workers, or even family members to co-create a higher level of introspection of themselves and life overall. As a participant in a recent workshop, I felt the staff created a safe atmosphere to learn. By attending the workshop I had the opportunity to learn things about myself and build insight into how life functions. It was an absolute enhancement of the life skills in my mental toolbox.
Johnny H.
Thank you all so much for putting on the OH Workshop! I was quite nervous heading into it. I’m not always comfortable opening up around people I don’t know, especially with larger groups; but everyone was so welcoming and willing to share. It was really inspiring.
Sam Bays
10/10 would recommend. Even in the short amount of time spent together, it was amazing how much you can unpack. The personal growth and awareness received from this workshop is indescribable- you will be left feeling supported and wanting more. Can’t wait for the next steps and for continuing this journey of being a better human not only for myself but others as well.

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*Times listed in PST*

8:50 AM - Zoom Meeting will open
9:00 AM - Welcome & Introductions
9:30 AM - Intro & Instructions
9:45 AM - Breakout: Life Check-Ins & Reflection
10:15 AM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
10:30 AM - Core Values Intro
10:45 AM - Breakout: Define Your Core Values 
11:30 AM - Full Group Recap
[-- 5 minute break --]
11:45 PM - Living Your Values Intro
11:55 PM - Breakout: Value Alignment Worksheet
12:40 PM - Full Group Recap
12:55 PM - Closing & Next Steps