So This Is Your Life.

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So this is your life. It’s not about finding yourself because you’re not lost. You are not the 87 missing tupperware lids in your kitchen or the solo socks hidden in your drawer. You are where you need to be even if it’s uncomfortable. You are bigger than what’s making you anxious right now and stronger than the demons in your closet. You don’t have a missing piece, what you always have is room for more and you get to decide what you want to fill it with.

No one else is ever going to understand how big what you got is. They don’t know how big your soul is. How giant your potential is. How white hot the fire in your spirit is. You know the beginning and end to yourself so don’t use the haters as an excuse. Only you can push your limits—so floor it. Find your edge and push it. Stop reading others opinion as fact. Quit hanging onto the stories you told yourself as a kid that became your beliefs about what you’re capable of.

Appreciate all the things that happy with the same intensity you’ve focused on the hurts. And always remember that love is never the wrong choice.

Love on ♥️