20 Random Acts Of Kindness

20 Random Acts Of Kindness

1. Complimenting someone. @ashp415, @peaclovewildflower, @navarro92_, @hgould98, @karowor, @misslaurahaven

2. Making sure to say “I appreciate you” to anyone and everyone I interact with. @apercoco

3. When I see someone randomly helping a stranger without expecting anything in return.  @i.dah.rivah

4. Buying something for someone randomly to make their day. @brittanylue, @randii_mo,  @614king_kat, @t._rehberg, @tabithasharee, @spunkylydon, @mandisarah12, @sundae187, @sterlingprice71, @pinkyuppro00, @patsylombardo12, @its__mee__stacy

5. Paying it forward. @jenjen.castillo.73

6. Holding the door for someone, letting someone go first in line, SMILING at strangers. @erinnelizabeth_5

7. Just smiling at a stranger as I walk by rather than having my eyes glued to my phone screen. @sarahdaubster

8. Helping those that are unsheltered in our communities.  @sbaysokc, @mr.tbriseno, @freeman_2356, @kapua_silva

9. Including people to join in on the fun we’re having! @melmec17

10. Random “I’m thinking of you” or “this reminds me of you” texts. @thiskidsarah94

11. Holding the door open for people, especially during the pandemic, in public places. @paigeryn, @hgould98

12. Eye contact paired with a genuine smile. @dshep33

13. Truly listening to whoever is speaking to you. @karowor

14. Thanking a veteran for their service. @hgould98

15. Sending care packages to deployed military members. @kalani_kine22

16. Helping the elderly in any way we can. @st_rock8, @geo_wanders85

17. The kindest thing in the world is a simple hello. @debbiec8kes

18. I love grabbing things in the grocery store on higher shelves for those that can't reach up there. @johnnybear51agape

19. Helping our neighbors. @christinec9393, @yooitsashley

20. Smiling at strangers or strangers smiling at me. It could make someone’s whole day. @bianca.bhnk


Thank you to our community contributors.