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Only Human is a community organization fueled by kindness and social entrepreneurship. We believe in the power of humans coming together to help move us all forward in the ways that truly matter. Bring your broken parts, your struggles, and your raw selves.

All are welcomeโ€”come as you are.

EST. 2016

Give Back Apparel

We are more than just an apparel brand, but our Give Back Gear is how we continue to spread our message across the globe.

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Cause Campaigns

Each month, Only Human donates 10% of our profits to support a cause that is helping make humans better.

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Our Impact Model

Only Human was born in 2016 out of Breeโ€™s story of self-development, grew into a community, began to give back in bigger ways, and we've shared the impact along the way. We believe our Impact Model is how we can work to do more good in the world.

Our Core Values

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Be A Good Human

This speaks to our desire to do the most good with the time we're given here on this planet. To do more good than bad, and to constantly strive for better for our fellow humans and community.

icon of waves that reads "make waves not war"

Make Waves

This speaks to the "action-oriented" part of our brand and community. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We dream and then we do. We create change no matter how challenging the task may seem.

icon of two fists bumping that reads "better together"

Better Together

This speaks to the collaborative nature of OH. As we expand the team it's an internal reminder to ask for help when you need, to pull others in and not push them away, and to share ideas freely and vulnerably.

icon of lighthouse that reads "light the way"

Light The Way

This speaks to the need to seek the light even in the darkest of moments. As we move through life we accept that there will be hard times but if we can learn to find the gratitude it will light the way.

icon of moon phases that reads "come as you are it's all a phase"

Come As You Are

This speaks to the "human" aspect of everyone and the struggle and growth we go through. It's inclusive and helps our internal team and audience feel accepted and welcomed, even with their imperfections.

icon of two cacti that reads "never stop growing"

Never Stop Growing

This speaks to the "always growing" mindset of humans who work to better themselves and the world around them. As we expand our team this is a reminder that when you know better, you do better.

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