August 2017: Center for Transgender Equality

August 2017: Center for Transgender Equality

At Only Human, we support humans of all kinds and sizes, identities, and sexual preferences. In honor of #transawareness, we're coming together to shine a light on the issues that affect the trans community and other non-conforming humans. It's more important now than ever to help educate friends, family, and loved ones who may not quite understand that gender is complicated and isn't a label that can be easily slapped on a human.

We stand strong with all trans humans and will always be here to support the community, help increase, visibility, and make anyone and everyone feel as if they have a home here at Only Human.

If you're looking to actively participate in #transawareness, here are a few ideas on how to get involved or interact with the cause:

  1. Use your voice to compassionately and kindly educate people on topics related to gender and the members of the transgender community.
  2. Help others better understand how to address humans that identify outside of a binary structure using pronouns.
  3. Look for local events such as candlelight vigils to gather with allies and other supportive members of the community in a safe environment.
  4. Share your story regarding gender non-conformity with other non-judgmental humans through our Stories platform.
  5. Make a commitment to keep up with issues that impact the trans community.

We are all equal. We are all human.


In August 2017, we're donating 10% of shop profits to the National Center for Transgender Equality.