Q1 2022: Speak About It

Q1 2022: Speak About It

Growing up, we’re taught to listen to ourselves and what we need, but also to listen to  those around us. They may have something important to share, whether to keep us out  of harm’s way or to hear a lesson being passed on from those that have been through  what we’re about to face in life. It’s hard work and kids often don’t love it. 

Now as an adult, how many times in all your relationships has someone come to you  with their feelings, and two sentences in you can’t help but interject with your emotions?  Maybe you get defensive, maybe you feel they’re wrong, or maybe it’s uncomfortable to  be present with them. Maybe you just don’t feel like you have the time. We have two  ears and one mouth for a reason. We’re meant to hear what’s being communicated,  even when we may not like what’s being said. In January, February, and March of 2022 we’ve partnered with Speak About It to talk about consent, boundaries, and healthy relationships. To not  just speak, but to listen: listen for an enthusiastic “yes” before jumping into bed; to be  there to communicate when someone might just not be ready; to make space for folks  who are learning, have made mistakes, or need to process, even when that person is  us. This isn’t a fad: It’s about listening without past judgement when someone shares a  past trauma, and believing their words with compassion and empathy. 

Speak About It promotes awareness of healthy sexual voices, advocate consent, and  prevent sexual violence through inclusive, performance-based education, discussion,  and provision of resources. They’ve worked with over 500,000 students across the  globe, and we’re proud to donate 10% of net company profits this month to the cause.  Join us as we dive into a topic we could all use a lesson on and learn how to not only  listen but to #speakaboutit when needed. 

Listen when they say yes, and when they say no.  

Listen for the maybes, and listen for your own.  

Listen when they tell you their truth. 

Listen when you don’t want to.

Speak About It

Our Partner In Good

Speak About It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with high schools and colleges to educate, entertain, and empower students to create positive change within their communities, advocate for and practice healthy relationship habits, and prevent sexual violence.


Did you miss our Cyber Sex Ed Webinar with Speak About It? Check out the recording and learn a few things about consensual flirting!

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