Embracing Your True Self

Embracing Your True Self

Growing up, you would see a shy and timid kid with a hard to read personality. I was born with mild CP (Cerebral Palsy), so showing affection or emotions was difficult for others to understand. I had physical therapy and occupational therapy growing up through the military.

Flash Forward to High School I had a classmate who confronted me and asked if I was GAY, and at that time I had no idea what she meant. I had not even heard of the word.

Now I look back at it and yea she was right.

I came out in college. It took me a bit to tell my family, but they support me 100% and I love them. I am an open book. I talk to everyone and I also support others. No matter who they are.

So, I want to vouch for all the ones with a hidden disability who struggle with coming out of their skin and being who they are.

Just know I love you. #muchlove

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