Jordarius’s Story

Jordarius’s Story

Meet Jordarius: Air Force Senior Airman & LGBTQ+ Advocate

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Q: What does "Do More Good" mean to you?

A: To me, do more good means be a more positive inspiration in the world. 

Q: How would you describe serving in the Air Force as a Senior Airman?

A: It’s awesome! We’re such a huge family and everyone supports each other. It's a judgement free atmosphere.

Q: Why did you decide to serve?

A: I decided to serve because I wanted a better lifestyle and to advance my education. Of course, there's also the benefit of traveling the world! 

Q: What is the most rewarding and challenging part of both the LGBTQ+ community and military community?

A: I am so proud to be part of both of these communities. Each one has its own legacy. It is a pleasure and privilege to work in support of the LGBTQ+ community and the military community through various forms of advocacy. It’s particularly fulfilling, however, when the work supports these intersecting communities. That’s why I’m so passionate about supporting MMAA.

Q: How did you feel and what did it mean to you when transgender military personnel, members of both the LGBTQ+ community and military family, were being dismissed after the transgender military ban?

A: I felt very disappointed in that decision and for this to be a country of the free, that should be a right for all. I feel like that is discrimination at its highest. 

Q: What will the reversal of the transgender military ban mean to you and for our country?

A: It would mean a big change in a positive direction for human rights and that would absolutely make me even more proud to serve a country like this. With our new Commander in Chief, I believe that it’s possible.

Q: How can the community support LGBTQ+ individuals that are currently serving in our armed forces or veterans?

A: By respecting their choices and acknowledge them as a human being, just like they do for themselves. Also, to take into consideration that as military members, we put our lives on the line for our country.

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