K.J.’s Story

K.J.’s Story

Meet KJ: Living His Best Life! 

Q: What does "different" mean to you?

A: The word different means unique in my definition, or to stand out. A lot of people don’t like change or differences because it’s not what they're accustomed to. Sometimes comfort zones are meant to be broken and complacency out the window. You should never be settled without goals being met and sometimes that means being different. 

Q: How do you embrace being "different"?

A: I embrace being different by pursuing my dreams for my happiness rather than what is expected of me. I have followed my dream and through hard work made myself into a professionally paid and signed model, which is a "female" based industry and hard to do. I did this rather than sticking to the status quo of going into different work fields that are more suitable to the "male" species.

Q: What is one of your biggest fears?

A: One of my biggest fears is failing at something I have put my all into, and when I say fail I mean fail in my own vision of failure. 

Q: Is there something you would change about yourself if you could?

A: My will to be great at everything I do, while doing too much may be my downfall. I’m getting better at managing everything at once.

Q: What is the most useless talent you have and do you ever use it?

A: The most useless talent I have is my mindset on my independence. I try to not need anyone for ANYTHING in life and always depend on me, but have learned that life is also about the connections and relationships made as well. I have to change my mindset.

Q: What does "Only Human" mean to you?

A: Only human means to me that everyone has their flaws and faults because we are only human but it’s how we embrace those flaws and differences to make the world better as a whole.

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