Queen Harris: Her Natural High

Queen Harris: Her Natural High

Our nonprofit of the month, Natural High, had the opportunity to sit down with elite track and field athlete, Queen Harris, to talk about her goals and what she does to stick to them.

"I always had a lot of hustle and a lot of fight because I always wanted to win, whether I was the best or not. You put a goal in your head and you realize that doing drugs or alcohol is only going to take you away from that goal. It makes it so much easier to annihilate those things out of your life," Harris says. 

Listen to the video as she talks about what it was like for her father and his alcohol use, how she sets a goal and then achieves it, and more.

This month, we’re asking you to be here for it.  Be here for your life instead of giving away your time and your power to partying, drinking, and drugs. 10% of our profits in March go to Natural High, a nonprofit working to help young humans discover activities that uplift, inspire, and motivate them to find their ‘Natural High’ rather than using alcohol or drugs.

Now we wanna know - what's your natural high?

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