Today and Everyday Take Care of Mother Earth

Today and Everyday Take Care of Mother Earth
Name: Chloe Dersch
Pronouns: She/Her
Instagram: thechloebeth

Today and everyday, we should all do what we can to take care of Mother Earth. 

One easy way to do our part is shifting towards a more sustainable household. Here are couple simple steps you can take:

🧽Switch to natural cleaning products. Hot tip — white vinegar and water mixed together makes perfect windex and general cleaning spray.

🪴 Reduce waste by composting! We put all our food scraps in a metal bin instead of the garbage so that it can be composted.

💧 Stop buying single-use water bottles. Ya’ll, who actually needs single use bottles? Reusable bottles are where it’s at!

🛍 Check facebook marketplace before buying something new. I swear, you can find almost anything on marketplace. And buying second hand means no waste from packing or pollution from shipping.

😷 Properly dispose of your COVID masks. There are now millions of masks in the ocean because folks aren’t disposing of them properly. How sad is that? Fishies don’t wanna live with our garbage.

🥒 Try to eat more meatless meals. There are soooo many yummy plant based meals that are nutritious and cost effective. One of my faves is a tofu and veggie stur fry.  

These are just a couple easy ways to be more earth-friendly. We live on such a beautiful planet, and Mama Earth needs our help. 

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