2022 Started with A Snack

2022 Started with A Snack

What have we been up to? A WHOLE LOT! 

First, we changed our impact model for partnering with nonprofit partners! Instead of switching up partnerships every month, we now partner with the nonprofit for 3 months. 📅   That doesn't mean we won't be releasing as many tees, but now we get to dive deeper into cause topics and provide more resources and education around them.
Speak About It 👄  was our Quarter 1 (Q1) nonprofit partner and the beneficiary of our Listen Campaign. Speak About It focuses on education through theater on topics like consent, flirting, boundaries, and healthy relationships! 
We put together Yes/No/Maybe Lists with Speak About it for you to learn more about yourself, your partner, friends, and family. Check them out!
We also hosted 2 webinars with Speak About It: one on Flirting and one on Power Dynamics In Relationships, as well as an IG Live with @orcrug talking about sex + anxiety, how to be gentler with ourselves, and examining our patterns.
Here’s a glimpse at some other things we learned:
  • Consent is freely given, reversible, fully informed, enthusiastic, and from all parties.
  • Listen for the maybes.
  • Flirting is NOT consent.
  • Take into account when POWER comes into play in a relationship.
  • Listen even when you don’t want to (to yourself and others).
Listen. You have 2 ears 👂 👂  and 1 mouth 👄  Use accordingly!


michelin man mascotIn February we also partnered with Michelin and led a workshop with over 80 of their team members all about pronouns! We had so many positive conversations come from this work, here's what Michelin had to say about it:

 "We were extremely, extremely pleased with our Only Human workshop regarding pronouns and their usage! Our employee group found the workshop to be a highly positive experience. Our recruiting team gained several tips about how to make sure all prospective new candidates feel included. Other employees walked away with not only more knowledge, but also more confidence in how to ask someone for their pronouns (respectfully) and discuss pronoun usage. Overall, our employees gave excellent feedback about the impact of Bree sharing their personal experience, the knowledge imparted by both Bree and Shep, and the interactive nature of the workshop, including breakout sessions. We are already looking forward to our next workshop with Only Human!"  - Michelin

🌈   🌈   🌈   🌈   🌈   🌈   🌈  
We’ve got some cool things happening here as we start to gear up for Pride Season, so stick around and be on the lookout 👀 for new things coming your way!