30 Days of PRIDE

30 Days of PRIDE
We are so excited about Pride month! We are offering 30 days of pride via text and would love for you to join! Text PRIDE to 63044 to join and receive daily updates and inspiration during June. 
As an LGBTQ-owned business we know Pride isn't just one month, pride is forever. Here are a few things we love about PRIDE:
1. It's for EVERYONE
Come as you are! Pride is for everyone. In fact, it wouldn't be Pride without people coming from all walks of life, including all of the advocates and allies! Joining together with the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate human rights and acceptance of sexual diversity is for all humans. We encourage individuality and protest for LGBTQ+ equality. We believe in the power of humans coming together to move us forward in the ways that truly matter. 
2. It shines a LIGHT on LGBTQ+ issues
All humans deserve to be treated kindly. Although huge strides have been made for equality over recent years, we still have a ways to go. Pride month is a great opportunity to learn, fight for what's right, and become an advocate for love!  Every human deserves to know what kindness and compassion feel like. You are not alone. Together, we can be the light in the darkness.
3. It's FUN
It's your chance to have fun with a capital F! Come out of your shell and join in with any of the Pride parades, events, concerts, festivals, and events going on in your community. This is a celebration of acceptance and LOVE! It gives you the chance to meet new like-minded people and join a community of amazing humans.
Follow along each day as we share stories to help advance LGBTQ+ equality and shine a light on humans around the world! Let's get loud and proud this June!