Changes At OH

Changes At OH

As we all know, the pandemic has brought on a great deal of unwanted stress and anxiety. Throughout this last difficult year, Only Human, as a community-based organization, has continued to “be good for no reason.”  We exist to do more good so that together, we can make the world a better place. I am confident that by holding strong to our mission, we will continue to move forward in a solid direction throughout the rest of 2021 and in the years to come. 

Changes are happening everywhere, even here at Only Human. In recent weeks Crissy has decided it’s time to step down from her role within the company in order to start the next chapter of her career. Crissy still believes in the mission of Only Human and the good we look to continue to create in communities all over the world. We are working to make this transition as smooth as possible and we’re excited for the new humans we’ll be able to bring on and make part of the OH team.

While change isn’t always easy, it opens the door to new opportunities, new experiences, and new relationships. People grow, our journeys evolve over time, and it’s important that we respect and fully support the paths chosen by one another. With that, our focus remains on our mission, our personal growth, cause campaigns, and maintaining our relationships with the advocates and community.

If you were also impacted by change over the last year and you’re interested in joining the Only Human community, please reach out to us! We believe in the power of humans coming together to help us all move forward in ways that truly matter, therefore, we welcome your broken parts and raw selves. We welcome YOU.

Thank you,

Bree Pear & Crissy Saint-Massey