Come As You Are, My Friend

Come As You Are, My Friend

Over the course of our lives we will experience different versions of births and rebirths. New parts of our selves that come to life and grow as we learn, not only about the world around us, but what's inside of us. This part of being born or being reborn gives us the opportunity to expand who we are as a human.

This can happen in so many ways. Whether it's the courage to affirm our gender identity, to use pronouns we never considered using before, expressing that we love someone of the same gender, or transforming our minds through a life experience. In these instances, our being develops and we hopefully have a safe space where we can explore who we are, challenge ourselves, and evolve throughout our lives. In all moments, I hope you can always come as you are, no matter what that means!

Check out this letter written by @krystian_gabrielle to her child about growing up and always coming as you are. A true testament of being born into kindness and acceptance no matter what you bring to the table. I hope that wherever you are in life, that you can truly come as you. If you don't feel like you have that safe space, we are here and can help you find it, so please join us.


"Come as you are, so simple yet so complex for some.

No expectations, just be as you are, as you were.
No need to change, come as you are.

Come as you were meant to be.
You are you for a reason.
Do not let anyone change the real you.
I hope you continue to look at me with that look in your eyes.

A look of love.
A look of admiration.
A look of safety.
A look of peace.

Know that I will continue to look at you and see you the same...

I will see you as you.
I will see you as love.
I will see you in the way you need to be seen.
No matter how you identify, I will help you navigate.

I will be your support.
I will be your safe haven.
I will be your rock.

So please my dear, come as you are.
I will be there in a way that was wasn’t given to me.
I know my actions and acceptance will be a fundamental piece in your peace.
A peace I never had growing up.
Accept yourself.
Love yourself.
Be yourself.

Just come as you are and know I will be waiting with open arms."