Dear Future You

Dear Future You
Dear future you,
The you that could use a pick-me-up.
Dear the you who might be a little stuck in their own way.
To the you who might be sad or frustrated.
To the you telling stories that don’t always trace back to fact.
I need you to smile right now. Yes god dammit, smile. I know you hate those people that tell you this.
Shit, you hate when anyone tells you to do anything. But maybe you’ll hear it coming from yourself. 
Yeah that’s right, this is past you.
And past you is on cloud nine right now. You’re in alignment. In flow. You are feeling grateful, happy, and fulfilled.
Yeah that’s right, the same you that feels like wearing a permanent frown right now. The you that is looping through some really negative bullshit in your mind.
Mmmhmmm that’s right. I’m in your mind and know your thoughts because I’m you. And I need you to trust it and hear this next thing clearly.
I am the same you as you are right now.
I am happy.
I am fulfilled.
I am loved.
I am capable.
I am resilient.
I am everything that is on the other side of your ability to move that heavy shit in front of you.
You’ve done it before. And every time you’ve moved it, there has been a greater sense of joy than you’ve ever felt on the other side.
So smile present you.
Smile because you deserve to smile and feel and be wrong and be right and grow and laugh and cry.
Smile because the thing you’re trying to move could move you farther than you’ve ever been. In a direction you could never dream up in this state you’re feeling right now.
Emotions are temporary. The anger is temporary. It will get better. But don’t expect to go anywhere in this life if you don’t move what’s standing in your way.
Move it.
You heard me.
Past you