Edge Media Feature

Edge Media Feature

Check out this excerpt from a recent interview Bree Pear, Founder of Only Human, and a few of our Advocates did around the topic of LGBTQ+ and suicide:

"While the nuclear family's role is a key to societal acceptance, in the absence of that, LGBTQ people are adept at finding or creating chosen families. When Bree Pear hit rock bottom after escaping a toxic relationship, losing her job and her home, her salvation came in the form of creating the kind of help she needed.

"I traveled with my dog, Mika, across the country for almost a year, just connecting with humans, sharing my story and listening to theirs."

The result was Only Human, an LGBTQ-owned cause campaign collective. "Advocating for love and LGBTQ+ rights alongside our mental health efforts is the core," says Pear."

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