We Are Only Human

We Are Only Human

Refugee. It’s a word that means a human has been forced to leave their country due to war, persecution, or natural disaster. It’s a word that means “my home is no longer safe and I had to flee by whatever means necessary to stay alive and protect my family.”

Often with only the clothes on their back or whatever they can fit into a backpack, humans in fear for their lives, become displaced and some eventually immigrate to the U.S. with little to no information on where they’ll end up. Fraught with exhaustion and fear of the unknown, newly arrived refugees are then tasked with rebuilding their entire lives in a new place with very little assistance from the government and without friends or community for support. Oftentimes, these humans don’t speak English and are forced to rely on others simply to communicate. 

Everybody needs a friend. Everybody needs someone to share their pain. Especially refugees. They leave everything they’ve ever known - the places, the humans, the connections - and move to a place where everything is completely different. We’re calling on you to show up this month as the best welcoming committee we can be. To welcome these new families into our own like old friends. 

We are Only Human, no matter where we come from or where we end up -- everyone should be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness. 

In December, 10% off all Only Human profits will benefit a nonprofit called Miry’s List. Miry’s List  is a movement of neighbors and friends dedicated to welcoming new arrival refugee families into our community through inspired crowdsourcing solutions.They raise funds, collect essential items, and more to ensure these amazing families don’t have to worry about their basic needs being met. 

Besides the 10% donation built in to you purchase, we’ll be sharing the story of a refugee family throughout the month and hope you’ll consider rallying behind them to make donation purchases for essential items the family needs to rebuild their lives with dignity.