You Should Care About Human Rights

two humans holding signs as protest that read "never again" with a hanger and "abortion is healthcare"
The impact of overturning of Roe v. Wade hasn’t fully settled, but if you’re anything like us, it’s been on the forefront of our minds for almost a week now. The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which established abortion as a constitutional right, now gives each individual State the opportunity to put in place their own laws regarding abortion.
We are sitting with the fear of what could happen in the future. The fear of more human rights that could be stripped away. The truth is, we are living in uncertain times and no one knows what is coming next. This impacts all of us and we need to make sure that we are inclusive when having the discussion on WHO this affects, including trans men. We need to come together to fight for the rights of all humanity!
Over the past decade, it seemed like we were moving in a direction that would protect the human rights of all Americans, but with the leaking of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade at the beginning of May, we got a glimpse at what was to come. 

Here’s what it means now
  1. The States get to decide how to regulate, or outlaw, abortion.
    1. It might be banned or very difficult to get in certain states.
  2. Other precedents set by previous Supreme Court decisions could be revisited.
    1. LGTBQ+ rights such as same-sex sex and same-sex marriage
    2. Access to contraception
Important previous Supreme Court cases to know about
  1. United States v. Windsor = struck down DOMA “Defense of Marriage Act” - this was a federal statute that defined marriage for all Federal purposes as a legal union between one man and one women.
    1. After this case, there was Federal recognition and benefits for same-sex marriages (in states that allowed it).
  2. Obergefell v. Hodges = legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states
    1. Federal recognition for benefits from the Windsor case even if Obergefell is overturned if you’re already married.
    2. If you’re already married, it’s highly unlikely that your marriage will be invalidated if Obergefell is overturned.
  3. Griswold v. Connecticut = overruled the law as an invasion of the right to privacy
    1. Connecticut law banned the use of any contraception for married couples
  4. Lawerence v. Texas = invalidated sodomy laws across the United States, making same-sex sexual activity legal in every State.
Things to DO
  1. The Supreme Court secured marriage equality with Obergefell NOT parental rights!
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  2. Contact Your Representatives 
    1. This email template is ready to go, you just need 1 minute to contact your representatives!
  3. Vote
    1. Pay attention to who you’re voting for and where they stand on issues that are important to you!
  4. Donate to local and national organizations
If you want to keep up with what’s going on, we urge you to follow these individuals/organizations:
@aclu_nationwide (also look up the ACLU for your state!)