August 2019: Ben's Bells

August 2019: Ben's Bells

Here are three words you need to know: Kindness Saves Lives.

It kinda seems like a no-brainer, right? Sadly, that's just not the case for everyone. Some humans have never experienced kindness in a meaningful way and might not be aware of the power kindness has in this world to influence someone's day, change their mindset, or even save their life.

What's really cool about kindness it's probably one of the best gifts you could ever give to another human and it can be absolutely FREE.

It's that smile you gave to the stranger on the bus who just found out their dad just passed away.

It's that kid who had a million toys and gave one of them to that other kid who didn't have any.

It's that mom who saw a human who was homeless asking for some food and stopped (even though she had places to go and things to see) to get them some.

It's that human who took a gay kid into their home when their own family kicked them to the curb when they came out.

It's being selfless, and caring, and loving. And none of those cost a single thing.

Here's the best part about kindness -- it can be taught. We all have the power and responsibility to show those in this world who may not know about kindness how it's done. Kindness can deconstruct hate, racism, fear, and all of these things in our lives that don't do any of us good.

The future of kindness rests on your shoulders, human. Promise us you'll be kind to all kinds?


In August, we're partnering with a wonderful nonprofit organization called Ben's Bells. The Founder's son Ben passed away when he was nearly 3 years old and the mission of the organization was born out of a desire to share the same kindness that she received in her darkest moments with other humans in the world. Now, they are strengthening communities by educating humans about the positive effects of intentional acts of kindness. Here's a video about how they're doing just that: watch it now.

10% of all sales will directly benefit their mission!


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  • Come up with a way to do something kind each day in August
  • Befriend a random human on Social Media and send them a kind message
  • Shop the Cause and snag a Limited Edition Kind To All Kinds Tee! You'll share the message and support a nonprofit at the same time.
  • Teach a kid about kindness
  • Promise you'll always be kind to all kinds of humans


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