December 2017: We Adopted A Family

December 2017: We Adopted A Family

Pride. It’s one of the many human emotions that can prevent us from being vulnerable enough to ask the humans around us for help. We get it…

Many of us have been the kid at school who hasn’t had enough money for lunch or wears the same clothes for years. We’ve been the adult struggling to get by—to pay bills, to keep food on the table, to hold a job, to keep our kids happy. Sometimes, life is just hard and we need other humans to help us through (and thats okay). 

Lucky for us, some humans who are going through a hard time had the courage to reach out to their local community for help. Through St. Vincent de Paul, Only Human was able to get matched with The Martinez Family, here in Phoenix, AZ—and we couldn’t be more grateful to be able to lend a hand. 

10% of our profits in December will go directly to helping this family of humans have a holiday filled with happiness and connection. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? 

Meet The Martinez Family
Maria (Mother)
Edgar (Father)
Jonathan (Boy, 5 Years)
Jaquelin (Girl, 12 Years)
Alexander (Girl, 8 Years)
Carla (Girl, 10 Years)

While we normally help support a cause or organization that is moving humanity forward, this month we decided to make our impact a bit more personal. Follow along this month as we help The Martinez Family enjoy a season meant for cheer and delight. ♥️