February 2020: Strong Family Alliance

February 2020: Strong Family Alliance

Being a kid is not easy. Feeling everything for the first time and learning how to navigate through brand new thoughts and emotions is confusing... even scary at times. Especially when those thoughts and emotions aren’t what were expected.

Being a parent isn’t any easier than being a kid. There’s no way to prepare for what surprises raising a child will inevitably present, and there’s no manual outlining how to respond to those surprises.

Then, it’s the moment of sharing a truth that has waited so long to come out.

Maybe there’s shock. Maybe there’s worry.
Maybe there’s fear. Maybe there’s a crisis of faith.
Maybe there’s every ‘maybe’ there could ever be and maybe it’s overwhelming and everyone needs to take a minute to process. And that’s OK.

But while you process, remember this:

The only certainty in a flood of maybes and surprises is the fierce unconditional love that exists between a parent and their child. That love is stronger than anything else that has ever existed in the history of the universe. You are still the same humans, you’re still the same family. Nothing has changed except that there is a new, deeper foundation of truth to build upon. Together. All you have to do is keep loving each other.

We’re all humans just trying to figure out this thing called life as we go. If we commit to leading with love, no matter what surprises fall into our lap, it’s love that is stronger than all else and that will help us make sense of the rest.


Strong Family Alliance

Strong Family Alliance has a simple mission – to save lives and preserve families by supporting parents and children coming out.  They give parents and LGBTQ people accurate information, insights on this challenging time for both parents and children, ways to keep LGBTQ children safe and healthy, and encouragement for parents to lead with love and solve problems later.