January 2019: Steps Of Love

January 2019: Steps Of Love

35,000. That's the estimated number of decisions the human brain makes in one single day. It's hard to believe, but every second of our existence, we're hard at work deciding on what the next second holds.

Every single point of our existence is marked by a path we choose to walk down, a thought we choose to think, or an action we choose to make (or not make). Will I eat eggs or cereal for breakfast? What do I want to be when I grow up? And the classic...How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 


Close your eyes and imagine you're sleeping. You're cuddled up with the love of your life and your daughter is sleeping safe and sound. You don't have much, but you're endlessly grateful for what you do have. The sun comes up and you stir awake and you're faced with the most difficult choice you've ever made, and you have to make it every single day.

You have two options and you HAVE to choose only one:

Option A - Feed your family

Option B - Send your daughter to school so she can receive an education

It's first thing in the morning, but you've got to decide right now. What will you do with the limited resources you have?

The above story is one that plays out on repeat for many of the families in Rocky Point, Mexico. For some, making hard decisions like whether or not to send their kids to school or feed them isn't an experiment—it's their everyday life...


In January, we've partnered with an incredible nonprofit we absolutely adore. Steps Of Love works to empower children in Rocky Point, Mexico. Through educational programs and support, they are able to walk alongside these humans to do whatever it takes to help them succeed in life, in school, and in their community.

In partnership with Steps Of Love, Only Human is hosting our first ever Whatever It Takes Give Back Trip, and you're invited! 30 humans who come with us on our give back trip in February will work on projects directly benefitting the families Steps Of Love serves. PLUS, Only Human has donated $10k in in-kind digital marketing services to help Steps of Love launch a new brand and website coming soon to support the work they're doing to make the world a better place.