July 2018: ICAN

July 2018: ICAN

Imagine a world
Where good humans rule
And the man in the White House
Isn’t a tool.
Where love wins out
Every single damn time,
There are more hugs
than school shootings
And we’ve learned to be kind.

We exist in a world where hate makes the headlines. On a global level, we’re faced with war and oppression. On a community level, we witness school shootings and suicides taking place by the minute. On an individual level, we’re told from day 1 that we need to look a certain way, wear certain clothing, and hang with certain humans to be perceived as “cool.”

But, we’ve got it all wrong.

We’re coming into a new age—one where being kind is cool…where an act of kindness shown to another human could (and does) literally save a life. We’re done with the haters and the bullies and we’re thinking about how we can impact future generations of humans so they can evolve in a kinder world.

At Only Human, we live and breathe acts of kindness because we have seen first-hand the positive impact it bring.

  • Share your joy with humans (it’s contagious)
  • Spend extra time genuinely listening to others
  • Go out of your way to do random acts of kindness that might brighten someone’s day
  • Empathize with the experiences of your friends and family
  • Give random compliments to make humans feel good
  • Think about the type of language you use when you talk
  • Mentor children (after all, they are the future)
  • Practice loving yourself
  • Give back to community organizations and nonprofits
  • Help others any time you have the opportunity
  • Support this month’s campaign (even after July ends)

In July, we’re launching our “Kind Is Cool” campaign in collaboration with ICAN. ICAN is a nonprofit offering FREE programs for Title 1 youth and children. They have goals to scale nationally and we want to help because we believe the future will be kind if we take the time to mentor our children (especially those at-risk). Over the summer, we had the opportunity to tour ICAN and it is incredible what they are doing to inspire growth in children who may not come from the best homes or have the best economic support. Toward the end of July, we’ll also be holding a workshop with their teen group and couldn’t be more excited.

Kind vibes only,
The OH Family