June 2020: Gay For Good

June 2020: Gay For Good
Dear Human, 
Every year, we travel around the nation attending as many Pride Festivals as humanly possible. Why? Because we’ve seen how acceptance and love and belonging and authenticity can save lives and bring humanity closer together. 
We’ve watched groups of moms give queer kids they’ve never met hugs so big and true they’ve squeezed out tears of love. We’ve danced alongside humans of all shapes, sizes, identities, and ages and no one cared about anything other than the fact that we all felt the same rhythm in our hearts. We’ve paraded alongside our families, and friends, and allies who have made it their life’s work to choose love over hate without question.
We’ve had tearful conversations with humans who have pledged to do one thing before they die...and that is to show up in this world as nothing else but themselves despite the sideways looks and unwarranted judgements.
So you can imagine how heavy we all felt when the messages started rolling in about how Prides all over the world were being cancelled and postponed due to the pandemic. Our hearts hurt because we know what Pride means to so many, and honestly, we can’t stop thinking about...
That human counting down the days ‘til Pride because it’s the one day a year they can finally take off their mask, be themselves, and breathe. That human who has been forced to stay at home with an unaccepting family who makes it clear that everything about who they are is "not okay."That human waking up every morning searching for acceptance and love and belonging who now has nowhere to turn to.
What we’re starting to realize is that while pride festivals all over have been cancelled, pride can never truly be cancelled because it’s something that lives inside us all.
As a lesbian-owned and operated community organization that exists to make the world a better place, we promise we’ll never stop fighting for your right to be exactly who you are. We’ll be your friends, your community, and your family - no matter what. Somewhere between all the labels, the discrimination, and the oppression there’s a simple message waiting to be heard. It says, “I’m only human.”
We’re called the human race because no one wins unless we all do. 
So here’s to winning for all the right reasons and to supporting one another even with all our differences. Here's to realizing that it's not about picking sides, but about choosing humanity. 

We've been on the same team all along and it’s called Team Human. 
Here, we all win. 
Happy Pride 
Bree, Crissy, and the OH Family


Gay For Good


Gay For Good is a nonprofit that energizes and mobilizes the LGBTQ+ community, and friends, to interact with the greater community through regular, collaborative volunteer service projects in the communities where we live and work.