October 2019: notMYkid

October 2019: notMYkid

Tell us if this sounds familiar...

You wake up for school and your heart is racing. You're sweating because the dread in your stomach is heavier than a baby grand piano and you don't feel like eating anything. You go to your closet and you put on some clothes, than you change them 10x. You stand in front of your mirror and you pick apart every single thing you've been told is "wrong" with you. From your haircut, to your shoes, to the way you smile. You can't stand you.

You think of a million ways to get out of going because they don't want you there anyhow, but you know none of them will ever fly. So, you gather every ounce of courage within you and you take the first few steps toward the world outside.

You lay low so no one will call you out during the first part of the day, but come lunch time - there's no hiding. It's clear from how everyone else treats you that you don't belong. You've tried to fit in. You've tried to sit in with various groups of friends, but "you can't sit with us" is slammed like a door in your face, time and time again.

The bullying gets so bad that you feel like you're dying a little inside. The self-hatred grows and the isolation continues until you maybe feel like you just can't do this anymore. You hurt, real bad.

This is the story of so many humans... Humans who are longing for connection, friendship, and inclusion. Humans who want nothing more than to be included, as they are....to be able to walk in to any room and feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, bullying happens every single day. As children, many of us were bullied and these scars have grown with us into adulthood.

We're here to tell you, this is NOT okay. 

Every human deserves to feel accepted for who they are. If you know a child who is being bullied or is a bully, are the parent of a child being bullied or who is the bully -- don't stand around. It's your responsibility to do something.

Along with our partner in good this month, Sportiqe, we're here to pass along one simple message - you are always welcome here. We've created a safe space where you can be 100% comfortable in your own skin and in the world outside. All are welcome. Come as you are.

notMYkid is a nonprofit that prepares kids to face everyday challenges with courage and confidence. Through their unique education models of peer-to-peer education, we address the life-changing issues of substance abuse, bullying, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders, depression/self injury, and internet safety. With prevention at the forefront of all programming—rather than intervention— their mission is to reach young people who fight internal battles about what is right and wrong and to provide them with the knowledge and resources that empower them to make positive choices in difficult situations.

Throughout the month of October, 10% of all Only Human profits will benefit notMYkid and help fund anti-bullying initiatives. For more resources on bullying and additional topics, visit: notmykid.org


In October, we're grateful to partner with another amazing company called Sportiqe, who has generously committed to helping us double the impact by matching our end-of-month donation to the nonprofit, notMYkid!

Sportiqe says, "It seemed like a small denial at the time, but looking back as adults, we realized that, for better or for worse, this little thing we call comfort is actually quite profound. Far more than just a feeling, it’s a fundamental need, and once we’ve laid down a foundation of comfort, we feel our best and have the strength to move through life with a courageous spirit.